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Creating starting points for organizational transformation over a short period

SHOT is a one-on-one coaching service developed based on the concept of Systemic Coaching™, COACH A's approach to transformation across the organization.
It strengthens the self-awareness of leaders, based on four questions concerning organizational transformation, thus expanding the numbers of Subjectivated leaders within the organization. We begin by creating starting points throughout the organization.

By reflecting on their own purpose and the purpose of the organization, leaders gain awareness that organizational transformation begins with changes within themselves

This three-month program combines SHOTWORK, which seeks to formulate four questions concerning organizational transformation, with two coaching sessions and a 360-degree assessment to take stock of the leadership of the participating leader.

Developing self-awareness for organizational transformation

The SHOT flow
The SHOT flow
  • Contemplating the four questions regarding organizational transformation
  • Taking stock of your own leadership
  • Revisiting the same four questions regarding organizational
    transformation based on the findings from the stock-taking process

Benefits of utilizing SHOT

  • 1. Raising self-awareness among key individuals to achieve organizational transformation

    SHOT provides key individuals with opportunities to develop self-awareness as leaders and to initiate the necessary direction and actions for driving change.

  • 2. Facilitating the cycle of individuals' behavioral transformation

    SHOT also provides opportunities for leaders to periodically review their own purpose, the purpose of their organization, and their actions to continue updating themselves in order to achieve organizational transformation.

About Leadership Assessment

About leadership assessment

Enhancing self-awareness by taking stock of one’s leadership

Through a web-based 360-degree assessment program, leaders take stock of their own leadership in terms of four parameters: Vision, Mindset, Ability to drive strategies, and Relationship building.

Instead of being captivated by scores, it is crucial to pause and reflect on our own perceptions. For instance, when it comes to vision, what do we believe a vision to be? How do we think it should be shared? How do we perceive the process of constructing a vision? Taking a moment to examine our own perspectives is essential.