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Forming collaborative management teams
for future co-creation

By fostering dialogue on the future among core management members and breaking through organizational silo structures, we can create a corporate culture capable of driving innovation. DAIBE serves as a platform for facilitating dialogue among management teams.
We activate dialogue among the management team and create a chain of Subjectivation across the organization.

Towards creating the desired future corporate culture, the entire management team engages in dialogue about the current state of the management team, the purpose of the organization and oneself, and the relationships between each other.

This is a program spanning approximately six months that combines workshops involving the entire management team for dialogue and assessments to visualize the relationships within the management team. Following each workshop, there will be reflection meetings with the  CEO to support the realization of their desired management team and corporate culture.

The DAIBE flow

  • Participants: All members of the management team
  • Online workshop:
    Six sessions plus one midterm assessment
The DAIBE flow
  • ■Each workshop lasts two hours and takes place once a month
  • ■Each interview with the CEO to reflect on the workshop lasts 30 minutes after the workshop.

Topics for each workshop

  • Dialogue with the management team

    Deepen understanding of the need for dialogue.

  • Premises and routines

    Take stock of the organization’s premises and routines.

  • DAIBE Assessment

    Learn about current relationships among management team members.

  • Socialization

    Review the process of socialization in the company.

  • Presence

    Review how one’s own presence impacts relationships.

  • From a management team that engages in dialogue to an organization of dialogue

    Reflect on how to broaden collaborative dialogue throughout the organization.


DAIBE Assessment

Visualize relationships among the management team

We conduct a stock-taking of the current state of relationships, leadership, and communication among the management team members. We contemplate what the management team needs to consider for enhancing corporate value and driving organizational transformation.

Relationship map (Before)