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Coach U Inc., one of the first coach-training institutions in the world,
joins the COACH A group as a partner for businesses around the world

COACH A's vision for the future

Towards a truly global coaching firm

In 2019, COACH A acquired Coach U Inc., an American coach-training institution with a long history. This move integrated the resources and networks of COACH A and Coach U, leading to two major results: evolving our services on a global basis and building a global network.

We will evolve into a truly global coaching firm and work as partners to provide side-by-side support for Japanese and non-Japanese firms active in global markets. This is the future we envision.

Synergies from the acquisition of Coach U: 1

Enhanced services based on
global standards

Coaching expertise and knowledge are integrated to provide services tailored to the different cultures of Asia and North America. We are expanding the range of services offered and delivering these services based on global standards.

Synergies from the acquisition of Coach U: 2

Securing a
global network

COACH A currently supports businesses around the world in five languages based on five global locations, including Tokyo. The partnership with Coach U makes it possible to secure both a network of coaches around the world and a global client network.

Coach U and COACH A


The history of COACH A began in 1997 with a single email sent to Coach U. That year, we started a licensing agreement with Coach U and began offering training focused on coaching, in Japan.

In October 2019, COACH A acquired Coach U and three of its member companies. This move enhanced COACH A's international network and accelerated its global business development.

About Coach U

Coach U is a U.S. coach-training institution founded in 1992. It developed programs to enable anyone to master the art of coaching and the corresponding communications skills needed. At a time when coaching was not a profession outside the world of sports, we helped expand the sphere of coaching by developing professional coaches for the world of business. Many of the most active coaches in North America today are graduates of Coach U.

Thomas J. Leonard, Founder of Coach U, founded the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 1995. The ICF, the largest governing body of coaching in the world, has established a global coach certification system and set the global standard for coaching through a variety of activities. The ICF has grown into a coaching organization with over 25,000 ICF certification holders and over 35,000 members. Coach U's Training Programs were one of the first programs in the world to be accredited by the ICF for coach certification (as an Accredited Coach Training Program: ACTP).

Service features

Coach U services offer the following distinctive features:

  • Facilitated by a team of experienced coaches who hold ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) certification
  • Most programs are provided online, allowing students to participate from anywhere in the world.
  • All programs are ICF-certified, meaning upon program completion, students are qualified to take ICF certification exams to become an ICF certified coach.
  • The program content is pragmatic and designed to be directly applicable in real-world business settings.
  • The program offers participants access to a wealth of learning resources, including tools, assessments, and literature.

Major programs

Online programs

The Core Essentials Program™ (CE)
  • A comprehensive coaching program (from basic to intermediate)
  • For those seeking to become professional coaches and coaching leaders
  • A total of 78 hours of online learning (satisfying the ICF's Level 1 requirements, enabling participants to aim for their ACC)
Professional Essentials Program (PE)
  • A program for those who have completed the CE program and want to continue building on what they have learned (advanced)
  • For those seeking to learn about coaching in specialized fields or to continue growing as coaches
  • Consists of required courses and a wealth of electives (satisfying the ICF’s Level 2 requirements, enabling participants to aim for their PCC)