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Acquisition of Coach U

COACH A acquired Coach U, a coach training institution established in 1992. This acquisition made it possible to expand COACH A's businesses across the world, and broadened the range of services through the integration of the coaching resources accumulated by COACH A and the resources and networks of Coach U.

Information on the Coach U programs

Since the Coach U program is provided in English only, information on the program is provided in English as well.
Note that advanced English skills are needed to participate in classes. Although Japanese-language support is available during the application process, class enrollment and participation requires strong English-language skills. Please email us for any inquiries regarding this matter:

Over 20 years ago, COACH A signed a licensing agreement with Coach U and began offering the first training program for coaches in Japan. In 2019, after COACH A acquired Coach U, we started to bring Coach U's English programs to Asia.


The first English program we are bringing to you is Coach U's signature one - Core Essentials Program™. This program is an expedient way for you to complete foundational to intermediate professional coach training which will allow you to competently coach with confidence and get credentialed as a coach. You'll graduate in six months, with your "Core Essentials Graduate"designation and you will satisfy the training hours required for the International Coaching Federation's Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation.

Core Essentials Program™ is for aspiring coaches or successful leaders intent on:

  • learning or refining core coaching competencies
  • applying coaching models and resources to ignite their employee or client's awareness, engagement and performance
  • integrating coaching principles and philosophies to deepen their ability to relate with, influence and impact others

Both Coach U's Core Essentials Program™ and COACH A's coachAcademia Leader's Program provide different formats to fulfill your learning needs:

Coach U's Core Essentials Program™ COACH A's coachAcademia Leader's Course
ICF Program Accreditation Level 1 -*
Number of training hours 78 hours 80 hours
Including 1on1 Mentor Coaching Group and 1on1 mentoring included 5 hours
Time to complete the program 6 months 12 months
Training platform Zoom video conferencing Zoom conferencing
Fulfilled ICF training requirement ACC -*
Additional workshop - One full-day workshop in Tokyo (Free)
Extended courses   Additional complimentary 3-month online classes
Application of coaching General context Business context
Language English Japanese
Faculty ICF MCC/PCC coaches ICF MCC/PCC coaches
Continuous development Professional Essentials Program (Level 2) coachAcademia Premium Course (Level 2)
Alumni network Yes Yes
History 1st coaching training institute in the world 1st coaching training institute in Asia

*COACH A's coachAcademia Premium Course is a Level 2 program fulfilling ICF PCC training requirements.

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Another signature English program from Coach U is the Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™. Coach U's COACHING CLINIC LICENSING PROGRAM™ (CCLP) is a four-day live train-the-trainer (T3) licensing program intended for individuals and organizations seeking an effective coach-training product to administer internally or publicly. Participants are human resources professionals, training and development professionals, managers, internal coaches, and business leaders responsible for incorporating and expanding a coaching culture within their organizations. Upon completion of the CCLP, participants earn a license to facilitate Coach U's Coaching Clinic™, an interactive course covering practical, easy-to-implement coaching skills that enables organizations to build leaders with coaching skills. Coaching Clinic™ can be delivered live or virtually, in either a normal two-day format or as customized modules, and in a variety of languages.

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Who is Coach U?

Founded in 1992, Coach U is the world's first coach training institute. Coach U has created programs that have enabled the communication skills of coaching to become something anyone can learn. Coach U has contributed to the development of coaching by training professional coaches at a time when there was no coaching profession except in the sporting world. Many of the most active coaches in the U.S.A. today are graduates of Coach U.

Thomas J. Leonard, Founder of Coach U, founded the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 1995. The ICF, the largest governing body of coaching in the world, has established a global coach certification system and set the global standard for coaching through a variety of activities. The ICF has grown into a coaching organization with over 25,000 ICF certification holders and over 35,000 members. Coach U's Training Programs were one of the first programs in the world to be accredited by the ICF for coach certification (as an Accredited Coach Training Program: ACTP).

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