Privacy Statement

In this Privacy Statement, "COACH A., co. ltd" (hereinafter called "COACH A") discloses the contents of the privacy protection policy to the users of the website. If you have any inquiries regarding our handling of personal information, please send mail to

Definition of personal information

Personal information means information that enables direct identification of individuals (by name, address, telephone number, address, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, age etc.) and other information related to the specific individual (area of interest etc.). Personal information collected through COACH A website is handles, protected and managed at the same level of confidentiality as our confidential business information.

Collection of personal information and its use

COACH A collects information from users thorough information inquiry, seminar registration, job applications, mail magazines, referral forms to third parties on the web. COACH A is the only information collector of this website. COACH A does not sell, share or lend information with other parties, other than the methods stated in this Privacy Statement.

Contact Information

Information obtained through inquiries from parties wishing to have business relationships with COACH A or information (name, address, telephone number, mail address etc.) of individuals who requested information from COACH A regarding our business, made inquiries regarding our services and products, made complaints, or made technical inquiries etc., is used to provide information to requester or to exercise critical communication. We would like to have you understanding that we will use the information to provide information for the purpose of notifying new service notices. If you do not wish to received such information, please let us know beforehand or inform us through Contact information will be discarded at a time which can be rationally judged as appropriate in the normal business operation. Please contact for inquiries or requests to have personal information changed, altered or deleted.

Information Sharing

We may exercise recruiting activities with third parties. Information obtained thorough such activities is shared with the partnership/subsidiary companies. However, all related parties will not use such information for purposes other than recruiting activities.


Users of COACH A website are provided with the opportunity to opt-out user information which are used for purposes not directly related to our website.


Mails sent out by COACH A may include HTML mails. Using HTML mail enables collection of mail opening history or forwarding history. COACH A will not share this information with third parties and will utilize the information only for the purpose of understanding user behavior and improving usability. HTML mails are not sent without obtaining the prior consent of the users.

Access Log

COACH A analyzes access log for the purpose of analysis of tendencies, management of the website, understanding user behavior and improving usability. Access log in this context is not linked to information that can identify individuals.


This website includes links to other sites. "COACH A., co. ltd." is not responsible for privacy information management of other websites. This Privacy Statement only applies to information collected in our website.


COACH A applies measures to prevent loss, misuse, access by non-authorized persons, manipulation and leakage of information collected though the website. Our employees are informed of our privacy policy and security policy, and are provided training to promote understanding and abide by the policies.


We will not share personal information unless we have work orders with third parties to provide services requested by the information provider, answers to inquires, or partial/whole correspondence. However, under the request from the Court, Police, Taxation Office, Office of Consumer Affairs, and other organizations which are authorized by law or ordinance, we may disclose the information without obtaining the consent of the individual.

Change of Personal Information Policy

COACH A may change the Privacy Policy due to release of new services or change in existing services. However, COACH A will not change the acquired private information without permission to handle. Please contact for COACH A., co. ltd. Privacy Policy.