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Unless communication changes,
neither the thinking of individuals nor the organization will change

Changing communication doesn't mean changing the technique of communication. A person cannot communicate beyond what they understand or have experienced. Changing communication means a shift in the meaning, purpose, and interpretation of communication, rather than simply acquiring skills. It is based on experience, not just understanding.
In DCD (Driving Corporate Dynamism), leaders themselves embark on an experiential journey of reinterpreting communication, thereby attaining a new way of interaction that empowers the next generation of leaders to evolve as leaders.

The common challenges faced by leaders in organizations today

  • To cultivate true leaders who think from a management perspective and undertake bold changes by engaging those around them.
  • To enable agile changes driven by the power of the team, not the individual
  • To create an organization where multiple new challenges emerge from the field
  • To foster a culture that embraces change without being constrained by past customs
  • To encourage specific actions towards constructing and realizing a common vision

Developing the entire organization starting from leaders

The DCD process

Leaders develop stakeholders as leaders through coaching. Within this process, leaders themselves refine and further enhance their own leadership.

Stakeholders: Subordinates and other key persons around a leader

The DCD process

DCD’s key components

DCD supports the development of the entire organization not just through the knowledge gained by leaders but by leaders putting into practice the fundamental coaching skills acquired through being coached and receiving feedback.

  • Leaders learn fundamental coaching skills through online classes.
  • Leaders and stakeholders engage in continuous and regular coaching dialogue.
  • Leaders receive coaching from professional coaches.
  • Leaders receive feedback on their coaching capabilities and the impact they have on stakeholders.