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Coaching Research Institute conducted a study on the benefits clients reported receiving from executive coaching. We analyzed the data using the Coaching Skills Evaluation System (CSES), a web-based system used to evaluate both the coaches' skills and the effects of coaching felt by the client.

We isolated the top 5 effects of coaching as shown in the graph. The top ranked benefit was "Clarifying Vision," meaning 95% of the clients feel their direction and vision became clearer.

During the coaching engagement, the coach and the coachee will talk about goal setting, what is beyond the goal, etc. We believe that this process benefits the client in their executive coaching, particularly to clarify their vision.

The remaining four benefits were: Accepting Feedback (85%), Enhancing Self-Awareness (83%), Challenging New Methods (79%), and Clarifying Organization Goals (79%).

Research overview

No. of Samples:
107 executives who received COACH A's executive coaching services
January 2013 - October 2014
Survey method:
Web-based survey conducted after executive coaching was administered
Survey tool:
Coaching Skills Evaluation System - “Effects from Coaching” category (21 question items total). Based on a 5-point scoring scale (1.Completely disagree - 5.Completely agree)