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At the Coaching Research Institute, a research arm of COACH A, we have been conducting activities and research to visualize the state of people and organizations and to decipher the potential of coaching from a scientific perspective, based on COACH A’s many years of rich experience and research achievements in coaching for organizational development.

As one of the results of our activities, we are pleased to announce that our research paper How Can We Evaluate Coaching Sessions? Validation of the Session Evaluation Scale and Its Relationship with Coaching Effectiveness" will be presented at the Institute of Coaching’s (IOC) "Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference" held in Boston on May 3-4, 2024 (EST).
We are also pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the conference for the third time.

Research Background and Overview

As interest in organizational coaching continues to grow and the market rapidly expands, it is important to identify and evaluate how the coaching process works in order to provide more effective coaching. However, most current evaluation methods rely on "summative evaluation," which evaluates based on results, due to the many difficulties in evaluating the coaching process.
Focusing on this issue, we have developed a Japanese version of the Coaching Session Evaluation Scale (CSES) in 2023 as a scale that enables "formative evaluation" of coaching sessions and timely evaluation of coaching sessions from the perspective of both coaches and coachees. COACH A, together with Professor Kei Fuji (Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba) presented the results at the 87th Annual Conference of the Japanese Psychological Association held on September 15-17, 2023, as "Research on Coaching Process Evaluation Scale".
The paper that will be presented at the IOC summarizes the results of the validation of the English version of the CSES, which was developed based on the results of the earlier study.


Nao Fukubayashi
Coaching Research Institute, Research and Development Group Project Leader
COACH A Co., Ltd.

Nao is a dynamic researcher with a background in business consultancy and an MA in Social Psychology from the University of Tsukuba. She joined COACH A in 2019 to analyze assessment data and measure client project outcomes. Nao's intellectual curiosity drives her to uncover the mechanisms behind COACH A's coaching results and continually evolve the service offerings. Currently pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology, Nao offers insightful research and analysis on the impact of coaching on clients' personal and professional lives.

About the Institute of Coaching (IOC)

The Institute of Coaching (IOC) was established in 2009 as a non-profit coaching research institute affiliated with McLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. Since its founding, the IOC has worked to promote the value and credibility of the coaching field by publishing research studies, providing learning opportunities, and hosting conferences to disseminate coaching practices and theories based on research and scientific evidence.

About "Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference"

"Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference" is an annual conference held by the IOC. World-class scientists and coaching researchers will take the stage to explore with attendees how to further advance coaching and spark innovation in self, others, and organizations.
This will be the third time COACH A has exhibited at the event since 2021.


COACH A is an executive coaching firm dedicated to supporting companies in their organizational transformations.
Our unique Systemic Coaching™ approach centers on the interrelationships between people, using dialogue as a foundation to drive organizational development. This approach supports the entire organization in its continuous evolution and transformation.
Founded in 1997 (formerly known as Coach 21), COACH A has been a pioneer, contributing to the widespread adoption of coaching in Japan. Approximately 80% of our clients are large corporations listed in the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We are also committed to developing coaching professionals and have trained over 10,000 coaches to date.
In 2008, COACH A established a research-focused division called the Coaching Research Institute, offering cutting-edge evidence-based coaching services globally. Leveraging extensive data from our coaching experiences, we are actively involved in academic research and initiatives to visualize the outcomes of coaching.
With offices in Tokyo as well as New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, we offer coaching not only to Japanese companies' overseas branches but also to local companies abroad. Including our acquisition of Coach U, a leading coach training institution, in 2019, we are committed to expanding our global network in the future.