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TOKYO, November 12, 2021 - COACH A has launched English, Chinese and Thai versions of DCD (Driving Corporate Dynamism), a platform that promotes "dialogic organizational development" through leader development, which had been renewed in Japanese in February this year. With the provision of DCD in multiple languages, COACH A aims to further support organizations to transform through dialogue and questions with leaders around the world.

COACH A's Global Expansion

COACH A has been supporting global leaders for more than a decade. Outside of Japan, it established offices in the United States and China in 2010, followed by Hong Kong in 2012 and Thailand in 2013. With the addition of English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Thai, COACH A now offers its services in five languages, including Japanese. With its extensive network of overseas coaches, COACH A will continue to accelerate the global expansion of its dialogic organizational development.

What is DCD?

In recent years, the widespread use of one-on-one meetings is a sign of the growing attention to the importance of dialogue in organizations. In addition, there is a growing interest in dialogic organizational development as an approach to organizational transformation. It is an approach that leads to organizational transformation through repeated dialogue between members; dialogue that reframes people's meaning making as well as the relationship among them.

DCD is a unique design that embodies dialogic organizational development. With a shared purpose among leaders to transform an organization, DCD fosters a dialogue platform to achieve it while supporting leaders to apply coaching to daily communication. In the process, leaders go through experiences of developing the next generation of leaders through dialogue, and, at the same time, being developed themselves. The dynamic in these dialogue generates enormous power to transform the organization.

Features of DCD

Services based on the concept of Systemic Coaching™

Systemic Coaching™ is an approach to coaching that views the entire organization as an inseparable whole. Based on the premise that people exist in relationships, COACH A believes that "leader development" and "organizational development" are inherently inseparable, and that leaders and the organization are developed simultaneously. DCD participants coach leaders in their organizations. Through this activity, the coached leaders create new relationships with the people around them in order to achieve their goals and work with the entire organization.

Experience communication that goes beyond learning coaching skills

DCD is not just a place to learn coaching skills. In this renewal, we have strengthened the experience of rethinking about communication itself, such as "dialogue", "questioning" and "genuine interest in others", which are the basis of coaching. As DCD participants rethink the meaning, purpose, and interpretation of communication, they will be able to make changes in their communication, and in addition, the leaders being coached will have new relationships to grow.

Team-based Coaching

Unlike external coaches who are contracted on an individual basis, COACH A's coaches who engage in DCD form a project team for each client organization. The project team engages in a series of dialogues to help DCD participants grow and achieve their organizational goals. As a partner in the client's organizational transformation, COACH A's coaches commit to evolve themselves so as to be a proactive change factor.

The entire process is provided online

All of DCD's services are offered online, including online classes using Zoom (audio only) and telephone sessions with COACH A's professional coaches. This makes it possible to participate in remote environments and from overseas.

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