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TOKYO, August 20, 2020 - COACH A, specializing in organizational development based on executive coaching, announced that Ayce (Accelerate your Coaching Effectiveness), the company's web-based system for quantitative coaching evaluation, has been updated with a new feature that enables users (coaches) to register their coaching reviews on the web.

What is Ayce?

Ayce is a platform developed and provided by COACH A to coaches worldwide, free of charge, to receive feedback on their coaching from coached clients. Both coaches and clients assess the coaching skills and the effectiveness of coaching through this online system. The report, which appears after both parties fill out the form, shows the coach's strengths and weaknesses in numerical and graphical forms. The evaluations of coaching from clients can be compared with those from coaches themselves, and also can be compared to the average score of coaches around the world who have used Ayce. Coaches can use the report to improve their own coaching skills.

Question items on Ayce consist of the coaching skills that are critical to coaches. Using more than 2,000 coaching data, the skills have been classified and then been carefully selected for Ayce according to the International Coaching Federation's (ICF) core competencies. In addition to Japanese, the platform is available in four languages: English, Chinese and Thai.

What are the new features?

With this new feature, coaches can now fill out and update their coaching review on the same webpage as the report. The "Coaching Review" was previously available as a downloadable PDF file, but now it can be filled out in a more convenient way, online, and shared with clients. This makes it easier for coaches to review and update their coaching on an ongoing basis to further help them improve their own skills.

COACH A will continuously update Ayce to make it a more effective measure for coaching quality, as the company strives to help more coaches around the world improve their coaching skills through the use of this platform.