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TOKYO, April 7, 2020 - COACH A, specialized in the organizational development based on executive coaching, is pleased to announce sponsorship with the 5th Coaching Survey - An Asia Coaching Benchmark, 2019 conducted by Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) as a Gold Sponsor.

What is the APAC Coaching Survey?

APAC is an organization that supports professional coaches in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to providing a database of coaches, they provide information and learning opportunities for coaches, as well as hold a biennial coaching conference.

The Coaching Survey is a survey of the coaching industry in Asia that APAC has conducted regularly since 2010. The survey is designed to:

  • Raise the benchmark of the Coaching Industry in Asian Markets.
  • Identify trends and explore unique insights contributing to the evolving Coaching Industry across Asia Pacific.

The fifth edition was held in 2019 throughout China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore with 427 organizations, 703 External Coaches and 156 Internal Coaches, totaling 1,286 respondents.

Background of the Sponsorship

Michelle Leung, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for COACH A Hong Kong explains, "The Coaching Survey by APAC's is a representative coaching trend study in Asia. One of the characteristics of the survey is that it reflects the perspectives of both the corporate client side and the external/ internal coaches side. The quality of the survey has been further enhanced by extending the study coverage to the three new countries of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore as well as with the cooperation of universities."

This sponsorship of the APAC survey represents COACH A's engagement to keep contributing to the development and penetration of coaching in the Asia Pacific region.

5th Coaching Survey - An Asia Coaching Benchmark, 2019

  1. Growth in coaching services, including new market penetration to different business sectors, new applications of coaching emergence, coaching opening up to all levels, training on coaching skills on the rise and local language coaching demand increase.
  2. More companies are using a combination of External Coaches and Internal Coaches.
  3. Opportunities are emerging for Internal Coach's role to evolve and become more specialized.
  4. Coaches are using more varieties of reflective practices including coaching supervision, mentor coaching, peer network learning etc. to enhance their quality of coaching.
  5. Coaching is perceived differently in Asia that both companies and coaches acknowledge that while coaching is primarily facilitating self-help, there are elements of guidance, sharing expertise and problem-solving involved in coaching.
  6. Despite the 60% satisfied with the coaching services and 84% of respondent companies see some impact of coaching on their business bottom line, the same ratio (40%) of companies expressed that they either have not received the specific benefits they sought from coaching or received the benefits they did not seek respectively. The top three areas for improvement are clarity of coaching objectives, coachees' understanding of coaching and review of feedback at the end of coaching assignment.
  7. A majority of companies and coaches indicated openness to using some form of technology in the future, but currently less than 15% of External and Internal Coaches are using AI tools.
  8. Companies plan to increase overall focus on coaching. 97% say that they want to train their leaders to coach the team members and build a coaching culture in the company. Coaches perceive a positive future outlook with increase in demand and supply of coaching offerings such as 1-on-1 Coaching, Team Coaching and Coaching Skills training.

5th Coaching Survey - An Asia Coaching Benchmark [2019] owned by Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches