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A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at Seikei University and the MBA program at the Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona, USA), Yutaro Inagawa has accumulated a wealth of experience in his time working in various industries. After working in the publishing industry while at Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., he moved to the financial sector, joining the Ueda Tanshi Group Co. Ltd. (Japan, New York).

During this time, he dealt with international and domestic banks, trading companies, securities companies and other financial institutions, brokering foreign exchange transactions and interest derivative products.

Next, as a project manager for Proudfoot Japan, he worked on organizational reform projects involving numerous listed companies and owner enterprises. Subsequently, after encouraging company reform while working as a representative director at Nichimo Co. Ltd., Inagawa became the general manager of a golf course through business succession. After applying his diverse experience to help improve operations at the golf course, he transferred the business and joined COACH A. Currently, Inagawa is at COACH A’s Shanghai branch, where he helps both foreign and local Chinese companies with customer acquisition. He also coaches role-matching, working mainly with executives (CEOs, COOs) posted to China.

Experience / Achievements

During his time as representative director in both a listed company and an owner enterprise, Inagawa improved overall organizational efficiency, enabling the companies to increase productivity and maximize profits. He overcame sectionalism by building and encouraging interdepartmental systems which gave rise to increased innovation and progress.

Working as an executive coach for CEOs, COOs and other senior executives, Inagawa’s expertise lies in projects which increase company functionality. He focuses on ‘the spread and penetration of the management’s vision’, ‘nurturing the next generation of leaders’, ‘the execution of mid-to-long term plans’ and ‘improving management’s skill at training employees’.