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Executive Officer


Sou Uchimura majored in physics and philosophy in the School of Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the U.S. He served as the project manager of multiple large-scale system development projects, as assistant to foreign officers in the consulting departments and as manager in the in-house operations department at IBM Japan, Ltd. He worked in cooperation with numerous overseas partners in those system development projects and led many projects to success. In addition, he was involved in the corporate management of global companies as a member of the management team when in charge of in-house departments. Furthermore, he participated as the Japanese representative in a global cross-organization reform project in IBM. Later, he joined Coach A.


He has worked in management with a focus on developing each and every member of teams and organizations while improving their independence under the belief that the presence of members who act independently without giving up before the end is important to lead projects to success in the end no matter how difficult they may be from his experience with various projects in his previous job. He adds a distinctive character to his coaching toward creating independent organizations and developing independent leaders based on this experience. In addition, he has taken advantage of his experience involved in management at a major global company to perform lots of executive coaching focused on leadership facing diverse changes and leadership to bring about change by itself.
ICF:Associate Certified Coach