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Chieko Toda


Chieko Toda graduated from Seikei University’s Faculty of Humanities, and proceeded to obtain a Master’s degree in applied languages at the University of Edinburgh. After returning to Japan, she worked as a teacher at Seikei Junior/Senior High School for two years. She proceeded to work for UNICEF Japan, after which she joined Coach 21 Co., Ltd (predecessor company of COACH A) in 1999. At that time, as both a coach and the executive secretary, Toda played an important role in starting up various new company undertakings, including the setup of the internet, medical and translation arms of the company. In 2008, Toda changed roles in the company, working mainly on human resources management. As of January 2011, she has been a director at COACH A and works mainly in recruitment and employment.

Experience / Achievements

Toda has coached many clients in managerial positions on a one-on-one basis on topics such as nurturing employees and team building. She has worked with clients in numerous organizations and in various industries, and in particular with medical institutions and in the manufacturing industry. Toda coaches with a frank, direct style, encouraging leaders to identify their own strengths and supporting them through the process of increasing their performance. As the person responsible for hiring at COACH A, she has conducted more than 3000 interviews to date. Toda’s extensive experience in this area allows her to be an effective career planning coach.


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