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Yoshiyuki SUZUKI

» Japanese

Chief Executive Officer


Yoshiyuki Suzuki played an integral role in pioneering coaching services and coach training in Japan, being one of the founding members of Japan’s first coach training company, Coach21 Co. Ltd. (established in 1997). Suzuki served as the Vice President of sister company Coach A Ltd. upon its establishment in October 2001 and eventually assumed the role of President in January of 2007. With the two companies merging under the name of COACH A Co. Ltd. as of January 2011, Suzuki is now responsible for leading 110 full-time professional coaches and overseeing operations at Japan’s largest coaching firm.
Suzuki’s unique background and training has contributed to his success as a coach and leader. After completing his B.A. in Humanities at the prestigious Keio University, he worked as a media planner for McCann Erickson-Hakuhodo (now McCann Erickson Japan Inc.), one of the world’s largest marketing and advertising agencies. Suzuki then proceeded to pursue a master’s degree at Middle Tennessee State University, and after graduation, served as a public therapist for the state of Tennessee, USA.


With more than 14 years of experience and having coached over 200 executive leaders, Suzuki’s extensive experience in coaching vision making and creative thinking has allowed him to achieve a high level of success in the coaching field. Suzuki has effectively coached businesses owners and executives at the highest level of domestic and international business and his international background has enabled him to provide expertise to Japanese companies doing business overseas and overseas companies doing business in Japan.
Suzuki is an active member of the coaching community, playing an important role in defining and leading Japan’s coaching culture. In addition to his duties as president, he has written numerous books and articles on effective coaching and business practices. Suzuki also lectures part-time at Kobe University’s Graduate School of Business Administration.
Under Suzuki’s guidance, COACH A Co. Ltd. has established offices in global business centers such as New York, Shanghai and Singapore and continues to expand its services to multi-national corporations worldwide.