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Potjamon Piampanya (Tarta)

Potjamon Piampanya (Tarta)

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Tarta has obtained a Joint Master's degree in Education (University of Marburg Germany, England and Norway)

and a Bachelor's degree in Asia Pacific Studies (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan)

Prior to joining COACH A, she had worked in a diverse and multicultural environment at one of the world's leading educational companies in Japan as a public relations officer who worked closely with a global team aiming to foster positive relationships between organizations and key stakeholders by strengthening loyalty and credibility through the projects she was involved in.

Experience / Achievements

Through her diverse international background she has developed great communication skills with a high multi-cultural understanding and adaptability.

Her past clients include executive level, management role, fast-tracked, high-mobility individuals who were adjusting to relocation and newly assigned tasks as well as maximizing the performance of a diverse team in all sizes of organizations.

She speaks fluent in Thai, English and Japanese.