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Yusuke OSADA

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Yusuke Osada graduated from the Department of Political Science in the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University. He began his career working in sales with Shiseido Co., Ltd., where he was responsible for the implementation of solutions aimed at increasing sales at cosmetics stores in Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo. Osada made the management of staff motivation levels a main focus of his work after seeing first-hand the effect of staff motivation on sales. His experience also led him to wonder about the relationship between communication and work performance, and how performance could be maximized through communication. This interest brought him face-to-face with coaching, and with the desire to help business leaders as a professional coach, Osada joined COACH A in 2006.


Since joining COACH A, Osada has been a group coach for almost 10,000 businesspeople. Today, as an executive coach, he works with many clients, supporting them in the drive to achieve their goals. Osada has led numerous large scale projects focused on reforming corporate culture and changing employee mindsets/consciousness, and continues his involvement in organizational reform projects.
Working jointly with his clients, Osada has achieved great success by laying out mid-long term plans for large-scale projects involving the cooperation of the company’s entire staff, and executing these plans over a period of several years. Osada believes that in order for companies to successfully achieve organizational reform, clients need to show initiative in their actions and exercise accountability. To this end, he takes an unyielding stance towards all dealings with clients, putting the utmost importance on his conversations and communication with them. In addition to his work with private enterprises, Osada is also oversees projects dealing with government and public agencies.