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Nao Mori graduated from the University of Oregon where she learned the Chinese language in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature. She first worked for Dentsu Public Relations in Tokyo, and then moved to the Beijing Dentsu Shanghai branch, where she was in charge of advertising and publicity strategy, planning and implementation. Mori dealt with many clients from all over Asia, handling regions such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and more.

Mori then worked independently as a communications consultant, specializing in advertising and publicity for various Japanese, Chinese and other international corporations, after which she proceeded to join COACH A (Shanghai).

Experience / Achievements

Making use of the skills that she honed during her work in international and multi-lingual environments, Mori specializes in developing executive leaders who are working in intercultural environments. She offers coaching and project management services in Japanese, Chinese and English. Her clients come from a diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, ranks and missions such as Japanese assignees to overseas subsidiaries, North Americans and Europeans working in Chinese state-owned corporations, and Chinese leaders working in Chinese companies, to name a few.