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Tomoo Ichige completed his master’s studies in the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology at Sophia University, and after completion of his degree, worked as a clinical psychologist at Japan’s National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry and other institutes. In 1986, he shifted the focus of his career, and began working mostly with business people, motivating them with perspective-changing communication training.
From 1990-1992 in New York, Ichige held relaxation seminars and other cultural programs aimed at helping (mainly Japanese) people learn about and adapt to different cultures. He then returned to Japan and joined COACH A at the time of the company’s establishment, and has been involved as a key member of staff ever since.


Throughout his career, Ichige has often had the opportunity to observe leaders effective at naturally motivating others. His observations led him to questions such as, “What motivates people?” and “What is necessary to revitalize an organization?” and ultimately brought him to his current profession. His personal mission is to develop leadership in people putting them in the position to get the most out of their abilities, energizing them and increasing their motivation.
To date, Ichige has coached leadership development with a large number of managers and executives at listed companies and major corporations. He has also been involved in helping many organizations, including many post-M&A companies, by building corporate infrastructure improving communication between people. Ichige has also helped many companies through promoting teamwork, improving the communication and penetration of company vision/mission and with various aspects of organizational development, project planning and project execution.