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Hiroyuki YAMADA


Hiroyuki graduated from the Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics, and passed the test to become a certified public accountant while still a student at the university. In the auditing department of a major auditing firm, he conducted audits on a wide variety of clients including chemical manufacturers, food manufacturers, materials producers, real estate firms, trading companies, etc. He also chaired the audit teams for publicly listed companies. Following this he joined COACH A.

Experience / Achievements

As a coach Hiroyuki handles project management for a wide array of industries centered around the manufacturing sector, which include automotive parts, heavy industries, shipbuilding, chemicals and semiconductors. In addition, he handles overall management of large-scale projects aimed at organizational transformation with a focus on reforming organizational culture and employee awareness. Efforts by companies he oversees have even been highlighted by mainstream media. Since 2016 he has been stationed at COACH A (Thailand), and uses his position as a resident representative to coach top management at Japanese companies operating in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. His strength is coaching that combines the strengths of Japanese companies with the ideas of national staff to achieve localization.