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Hiroko KONO


Hiroko graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences. She was also the captain of the varsity women's basketball team. After working at Mitsubishi Corporation, she transferred to Capital Group, an American investment management company, where she researched and managed Asian equities as an analyst in Washington, DC and Tokyo. Through her investments, she came to believe that the most important corporate resource is people. Later, she deeply resonated with UWC ISAK Japan's mission of empowering each other to be transformational leaders who explore new frontiers and make a positive impact today and in the future. She was involved in launching the school as a founding member and running the organization. Hiroko realized coaching is essential (for management), when setting up an organization based on the founding mission and vision and operating a team full of diversity. She moved to COACH A to become an executive coach, enjoys coaching at the forefront of organizational development.

Experience / Achievements

Hiroko’s strength lies in her experience of interacting with management as an investment analyst, understanding management from the financial figures, approaching growth strategies, management team leadership, and organizational development from an investor's perspective. Her motto is to maintain a sense of first-hand experience of overseas assignments. Her strengths to deal with themes, such as embracing diversity and organization development through sharing a vision, which she believes are indispensable qualities when developing a global business. She has coached executives from a variety of industries, from start-up companies to global companies, as well as young leaders in educational institutions. She has a strong interest in coaching female leaders based on her career building experiences while raising children, and is actively involved in the fields of education and sports.


External Member of the Board, Life Corporation