Our Research

COACH A’s dedicated research arm, Coaching Research Institute (CRI), provides evidence and continuous research on how coaching provides a dynamic driving force that keeps regenerating the organization.

Our research and technology are continuously evolving

CRI has a variety of research tools to visualize effectively the relationships between people and organizations. It is our dedication to continue accumulating research knowledge and tools to drive leadership and organization development for clients. By leveraging data gathered from over 800 companies and 400,000 individuals, we provide you with insights on effectiveness of coaching and the state of your organization.

We customize our approach to meet your needs

Our researchers and analysts have a solid background in coaching application, enhancing our understanding of your needs and making the needed connection between research and practice.

We support you by

  • Developing research methods on leadership and organizational diagnosis
  • Conducting research to visualize leadership and organizational status
  • Tracking and measuring coaching effectiveness towards project goals

Recognized Globally for Our Research

CRI also conducts global research offering essential insights on leadership and organizational development trends. We partner with universities to share our scientific findings about coaching and present them to conference attendees.

News Releases

"Clinical Evidence Development of Medical Coaching for Narrative-based Medicine in Japan.”
A joint research project with Tokai University School of Medicine and Tohoku University Graduate School presented at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate (2017).

“The Impact of Systemic Coaching Reaches Beyond Individuals” Presented at Columbia University (2014). Our research shows that when leaders with strong influence in an organization receive coaching, their interactions with others results in a positive impact that drives the organization success.