For over twenty years, our data has captured results that matter the most to organizations. They bring in inspirations for your leaders to further invent the future.

Ripple Effects of Changes

Our measurement approach zooms in and out of the organization to showcase the changes at different levels.

Gauging growth of the development of your leaders

COACH A clients report significant benefits from the coaching engagement.

Proven organizational impact

With our built-in assessments, we track the top 5 profound behavioral changes along with the growing number of leaders in your organization. Once goals are clarified, there is renewed determination to maintain these new behaviors every day.

Business Impacts

COACH A conducts business impact analysis to evaluate the returns from leadership and organizational changes.

Within 6 months, my team and I achieved the goal of reducing 60% of over-time work. Public Service Sector, Department head, Japan
I'm foreseeing one of our construction projects accomplishing at least 3 months ahead of schedule, all because of the members I coach proactively collaborate in a way that I've never seen before. Construction Company, Project Director, Indonesia
It‘s been three years since I started receiving and establishing coaching into my directors. Last year we achieved 2.5 times growth in revenue, while we only increased less than 10% of staff. Turnover rate dropped from 12% to 2.5% in the past 2 years. Electronic Business Machines Maker, CEO, Hong Kong