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Musashi BANSHO

Musashi BANSHO

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After Musashi Bansho completed his Master's studies at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics, he joined the Nomura Research Institute and participated in the design and creation of a large-scale financial system.

Experience / Achievements

Bansho has experience of coaching numerous managers and executives. Moreover, as a researcher at the Coaching Research Institute, he carries out corporate research using interviews and surveys. Furthermore, using the data obtained, he develops new methods to visualize the effects of coaching, as well as the status of leadership and the organization.

To date, he has developed many tools, including:

  • "Ayce", a web-based system used for coaching evaluations
  • "COMPass", a tool for assessing intraorganizational communication and infrastructure
  • The "360 Degree Leadership Assessment", which both measures and gives feedback on an individual's leadership
  • The "Executive Mindset Inventory", which examines both the state of an organization and its executive's abilities.

Bansho supports COACH A by giving an evidence-based approach to coaching. In addition, He gives lectures at the Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration, and has presented his research at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Bansho is actively involved in collaborative research with academic researchers and works to increase understanding of coaching, its theory and the mechanisms behind its effects.