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Kyoichiro AWAZU

Kyoichiro AWAZU

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Managing Director


Kyoichiro Awazu’s career has taken him all over the globe and his expertise is drawn from a wealth of first-hand experience. Having been involved in HR management, business strategizing, project management and related fields in over 10 countries, he has a special interest in the development and growth processes of businesspeople.

While employed at Sony Corporation, Awazu was in charge of human resources and management strategy. At Son’s local subsidiary in England, and at Sony Europe’s head office in Berlin, he planned and directed personnel affairs systems for sales corporations and factory establishment in the Eastern European and Russian regions. After returning to Japan, Awazu joined Sony Japan’s management strategy group and was in charge of the development of new networking businesses. His responsibilities included the planning of new products and services, as well as negotiations for establishing joint ventures.

In April 2011, Awazu accepted an appointment as guest professor at the Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management, where he lectures on Leader Development and Coaching. Awazu holds a Master’s Degree in International Business Management from the Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies.

Experience / Achievements

Awazu has been the executive coach of over 100 leaders of big enterprises and foreign-affiliated Japanese subsidiaries, successfully helping these businesses to improve many aspects of their performance. Under Awazu’s careful coaching, these businesses have experienced benefits such as improved penetration of management strategy and vision within the company, stimulation of post-M&A corporate culture, and improved training of the next generation of businesspeople.